Newsletter Autumn 2003


There was a 100% pass rate in the examinations in June and July and over the two exam sessions we achieved 30 Merits (80-85) 37 Honours (85-90) and 6 Distinctions (90+)
I would like to congratulate particularly 3 of our seniors who were successful in passing their Associate Teachers  Aimee Baker (Distinction) Jenna Hubbard (Honours) and Sarah Thornewell (Honours).  Both Sarah and Aimee will be furthering their education at University from this term and we wish them great success, Aimee will however be continuing to teach for us on Saturdays as will Jenna who is currently completing her performing arts course at Mid Kent college


Half term is from Saturday 18th October until Friday 31st October (inclusive) Classes will re-commence on Saturday 1st November and the following week. 
End of term will be Saturday 13th December.2003 (Presentation of certificates and awards)


These will take place on November 9th and will involve mainly those pupils who attend classes on a Monday evening although some junior classes from Saturday and Thursday will also be taking exams  please check with Sue.


This will take place on Sunday 30th November at Tunbury Hall, Walderslade.  It is open to all pupils from the school and there will be prizes awarded to the winners of all sections.  It is planned that all participants in the choreographic competition will be able to perform one of their dances (if they wish to) at the end-of year presentation of awards, which will take place on Saturday 13th December.  I would like to encourage pupils to enter  there will be an award for best Novice in both junior and senior sections


I would like to refer parents and pupils to the code of dress for the School and remind you all that wearing the correct uniform and hairstyle is part of the discipline of ballet and other forms of dance.  Pupils will be asked to remove non-uniform items of clothing (including T-shirts of any kind) before entering a class and to wear their hair in neat and tidy styles with long hair in buns or similar style (not pony tails or bunches) with hair off the face.  All jewellery should be removed before classes.


We are planning to introduce a new uniform for Grade 5, which can then be worn through to their Student grades.  I would request that when parents wish to renew uniform that they ensure they are purchasing the correct style and colour.  Examples of new leotards and skirts, which will be in navy blue, will be available from the beginning of term.


We are hoping to re-order polo shirts sweat shirts dressing gowns (for festivals /competitions) etc.   These will be available to all pupils/parents and I will be asking all those who represent the School in any external events to ensure that they wear garments with the School logo