Just a short note to say thank you to all the pupils and parents for their co-operation and help during the production of "The Sleeping Beauty" and also to thank everyone for their best wishes and lovely cards and presents which I received for my birthday.

For those who were not at Saturday's performance I would also like to say thank you for helping to raise the splendid amount of money for DEMELZA HOUSE . We have been able to donate £1,200 to them.

If anyone, who has not previously helped, is interested in helping in future performances in any capacity, please let me know.  Areas in which we need assistance are scenery production, costumes, headresses, hair styling and make-up, backstage assistance, chaperoning, fundraising, sponsorship, administration, production of programmes etc.

Spring Term will commence on Tuesday 3rd January 2006.  Half Term will be from Monday 13th February to  Friday 24th February (inclusive).  Classes re-commence on Saturday 25th February End of term will be Thursday 30th March.


Term Dates
Just a reminder that end of term is Monday 18th July (although the Tuesday class 1 pointe work will have a lesson on Tuesday 19th July to make up for their missed lesson on 7th June).
Our new term commences on Monday 12th September and half term will be from Saturday 22nd October until Friday 4th November inclusive (ie return to classes on Saturday 5th November).

Examination Sessions
There will be examinations on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July 2005 at Tunbury Hall.
Those children taking exams have or will be notified individually, but I have listed below grades and levels for this session.  Please check the Notice board at classes for details of fees , which should be paid on the day of the examination and for times of examinations.
Ballet Examinations
1. Class examination (Thursday 4.30 class and Saturday 9.00 class- aged 5 plus only)
2. Primary Grade (Saturday 9.45 am).  This grade can also take Juvenile medal
3.Grade 1 (Saturday senior group only) but all members of Grade 1 can take their junior medal.
Grade 3 (Saturday senior group only). Junior Grade 3s can take Junior Bronze Medal
5. Grade 4 (all those who attend both Saturday and Thursday classes)
6. Intermediate Foundation
7. Individuals wishing to take Senior medals

There will be a second ballet examination session in the Autumn term (date to be arranged) which will, hopefully, cater for all those not able to take exams this term)
Tap and Modern Examinations
These will take place in October or November 2005
Tap and Modern Classes
There will be vacancies in the September term for children aged from 5 upwards for these classes.  If you are interested and wish to come along for a free trial lesson during this term please let me know.

Next Production    -    "HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME"
This will take place at The Brook Theatre on February 10th and 11th 2006.  Rehearsals will commence during the latter part of the Autumn term.  I would be grateful if parents would let me know whether their children will be available for that production.

This will be held on Saturday 1st October at Tunbury Hall and proceeds will go towards costumes etc for our February production.  There will be teams of 6 ish!, so if you can get a team together please let me know asap.  If you would like to take part but cannot raise a team put your names down and we can put you together with others who cannot raise a team.  The evening promises to be great fun  tickets are £3.00 per person and available now.  Bring your own "nibbles" and beer, wine etc!!


Congratulations to all our competitors who represented the school at Medway Festival in April. Here are some of our prize winners:

Holly Gibson  Choreographic  1st place  86 marks
Holly Gibson  Character  1st place  87 marks
Holly Gibson  Song & Dance  1st place 85 marks
Holly Gibson  Greek or Natural Movement  1st place  84 marks
Holly Gibson  Disco  3rd  82 marks
Joni Gibson  Ballet  3rd  85 marks
Emily Wolfe  Novice Classical  2nd place
Natalie Judges  Novice Classical  2nd place  84 marks
Natalie Judges  Novice Cabaret  1st place  84 marks
Amanda White  Ballet  2nd place  85 marks

Holly & Joni Gibson  Disco  3rd place  82 marks
Holly & Joni Gibson  Tap  2nd place  82 marks
Aimee Baker & Joni Gibson  Modern - 3rd place  84 marks
Olivia Gammon & Ella Bailey  Tap  3rd place
Rebecca Austen & Elizabeth Blenkinsop  Classical  2nd place
Conor & Erin Ashman  Song & Dance  1st place  83 marks

Holly & Joni Gibson & Aimee Baker & Claire Cloete  Modern  1st place  86 marks
Holly Gibson & Lauren Fortser & Hannah Cloete  Song & Dance  2nd place  85 marks


Important:  Half term dates Monday 24th October Sunday 6th November inclusive (not as previously stated). Therefore there will be classes on Saturday October 22nd

New Production  "Holiday of a Lifetime"

This production will take place on 10th and 11th February 2006 at The Brook Theatre. Chatham.  Rehearsals will take place at The Brook Theatre on Sunday 5th February in the afternoon and evening (this will be a rehearsal for the whole School) and on Thursday 9th February (Grade 2 upwards).  The show will be a musical with dance, song and drama  a new venture for us!!.
We have already started to purchase and make costumes, so I would be grateful if parents could tell me as soon as possible whether their children will be able to participate in this Show.

Singing Classes and Drama Workshops

We are currently extending the facilities within the School to include all branches of the Performing Arts.  Recently we have had a great deal of success in training pupils for Performing Arts Schools and Dance Colleges and we now wish to be able to provide professional and skilled teachers in all branches of Performing Arts.  On 15th October a singing teacher, Miss Jane Marshall, will be joining us and holding introductory classes. Regular classes will then commence on November 19th. Jane is a very professional and well- respected teacher with proven successes.  She will be taking group classes (junior  7  12 years and Senior 12 years and over) on a Saturday afternoon immediately after dance classes (either at St Williams Hall or Tunbury Hall).  The intention is to hold classes every other week unless we have show rehearsals when these classes may be more frequent.  Depending on the number of children who take up the singing we will be able to offer classes at approx £4.00 - £5.00 per hour lesson (initially payable weekly).  This is a very reasonable rate as private singing classes normally cost around £25.00 per hour. This is a great opportunity for our pupils and I do hope that some will take it up.  We are limiting the class to a maximum of 10 pupils per class and I expect the take up to be popular so please let me know by next Wednesday whether you would be interested and I will discuss any details with you directly.  Drama Classes/Workshops will be advertised at a later date.

Bluebell School of Dance Performs at Her Majesty's Theatre London!!

Twenty five pupils from the School auditioned at a Richmond theatre last week at The National Association of Teacher's of Dance auditions for their Centenary Show.  Only 8 Schools were chosen to participate in this show which takes place on 12th February 2006. Schools from London, South of Engand, the Home Counties and the Midlands participated in the auditions and the group/troupe entries from Bluebell were chosen to perform at Her Majesty's Theatre.  There will be only 2 solo (vocal) numbers in the Show and Erin Ashman from Bluebell has been chosen to sing one of the solos.  Erin has recently been training with Jane Marshall our new singing teacher.  There will be an opportunity for all parents, pupils and friends to purchase tickets if they wish to go to see this unique production.

Tap and Modern Exams and Choreographic Competition

The above examinations will take place on 13th or 20th November (to be confirmed) and the Choreographic Competition will hopefully take place on 4th December.  Details to be announced shortly.


Congratulations to all our competitors at Ramsgate Festival. We had a very successful competiton with many prizes and also 8 cups. Well done to you all!


Rebecca Cross - Character - 2nd place
Sophie Austen - Character - 3rd place
Holly Davey - Ballet - 3rd place
Connor Ashman - National - 2nd place
Connor Ashman - Ballet - 4th place
Connor Ashman - Character - 1st place
Elizabeth Blenkinsop - Modern - 3rd place
Rebecca Austen - Lyrical - 2nd place
Jasmine Sparks - Novice Ballet - 4th place
Jasmine Sparks - Novice Modern - 4th place
Ella Bailey - Novice Tap - 4th place
Ella Bailey - Novice Ballet - 2nd place
Ella Bailey - Novice Modern - 2nd place
Ella Bailey - Vocal - 2nd place
Olivia Gammon - National - 4th place
Olivia Gammon - Novice Ballet - 1st place
Olivia Gammon - Novice Tap - 2nd place
Olivia Gammon - Novice Modern - 4th place
Erin Ashman - Novice Ballet - 3rd place
Erin Ashman - Song & Dance - 3rd place
Sophie Phillips - Novice Tap - 3rd place
Sophie Phillips - Novice Modern - 3rd place
Sophie Phillips - Choreographic - 3rd place
Sophie Phillips - Character - 1st place
Melissa Jones - Novice Tap - 3rd place
Felicity Baker - Novice Ballet - 3rd place
Felicity Baker - Novice Modern - 4th place
Lauren Forster - Novice Ballet - 3rd place
Lauren Forster - Novice Modern - 2nd place
Lauren Forster - Novice Tap - 1st place
Lauren Forster - Song & Dance - 4th place
Hannah Cloete - Vocal - 2nd place
Holly Gibson - National - 3rd place
Holly Gibson - Ballet - 3rd place
Holly Gibson - Greek - 3rd place
Holly Gibson - Character - 4th place
Holly Gibson - Choreographic - 2nd place
Holly Gibson - Vocal - 4th place
Holly Gibson - Modern - 4th place
Holly Gibson - Lyrical - 1st place
Joni Gibson - Lyrical - 3rd place
Joni Gibson - Modern - 2nd place
Joni Gibson - Character - 3rd place
Joni Gibson - Tap - 1st place
Joni Gibson - Choreographic - 1st place
Joni Gibson - National - 1st place
Joni Gibson - Ballet - 1st place
Elizabeth Blenkinsop & Rebecca Austen - Classical - 2nd place
Elizabeth Blenkinsop & Rebecca Austen - Cabaret - 3rd place
Connor Ashman & Erin Ashman - Cabaret - 2nd place
Aimee Baker & Hannah Cloete - Choreographic - 3rd place
Aimee Baker & Joni Gibson - Choreographic - 2nd place
Aimee Baker & Joni Gibson - Classical - 1st place
Aimee Baker & Joni Gibson - Cabaret - 3rd place
Joni Gibson & Holly Gibson - Classical - 3rd place
Joni Gibson & Holly Gibson - Cabaret - 1st place
Rebecca Austen & Sophie Austen & Rebecca Cross - Classical - 3rd place
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Aimee Baker - Classical - 1st place
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Sophie Phillips - Classical - 2nd place
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Sophie Phillips & Aimee Baker - Classical - 3rd place
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Sophie Phillips - Cabaret - 4th place
Junior Character - Connor Ashman
Senior Ballet - Joni Gibson
Senior Classical Aggregate (marks in Ballet, National & Character) - Joni Gibson
Open Aggregate (marks in Ballet, National, Character and Lyrical) - Joni Gibson & Holly Gibson
Open Lyrical - Holly Gibson
Senior Classical Trios - Holly Gibson & Aimee Baker & Joni Gibson
Senior Classical Duets - Aimee Baker & Joni Gibson
Senior Cabaret Duets - Joni Gibson & Holly Gibson


Term Dates Spring 2006
Spring Term will commence on Tuesday 3rd January 2006.  Half Term will be from Monday 13th February to  Friday 24th February (inclusive).  Classes re-commence on Saturday 25th February End of term will be Thursday 30th March.

Thursday Classes
From 5th January 2006 all Thursday classes will transfer to Tunbury Hall, Catkin close Walderslade.  I apologise if this causes any inconvenience but an opportunity has arisen to use this hall which is much more suitable for dancing and we are also able to hold a longer session.  All times will be as they are currently.  There may be slight amendments to the senior classes and you will be informed of these before the end of term.

End of Term Presentation 10th December 2005
We will be presenting all certificates and annual awards at St Williams Church Hall, Walderslade on 10th Dec 2005.  All parents and friends are welcome to attend.  Details of times are set out below:
All pupils who have taken the Class examination in Ballet during 2005 (ie Thursday Primary Ballet 4.30  5.15 and Saturday Primary Ballet 9.45  10.30) should attend for their presentation from 9.15  10.15.  Saturday "baby" ballet and pre-primary class (ie 9.00  9.45 classes should also attend at the above time)
All children attending will perform some of the work they have learned during the year. 
The Thursday "baby ballet" and pre-primary groups will have their own "mini" presentation on Thursday 8th December, which will be their last day.  Again all parents and friends are welcome to attend.
Pupils from all other classes, ie from Grade 1 upwards should attend for their presentation of awards at St Williams Church from 11.00 am.  The presentation will open with a short performance of selected dances from the Choreographic Competition followed by the presentation of certificates.  There will then be a short break for refreshments, followed by the presentation of annual awards and medals.  The Christmas draw winners will be announced at the end of the morning (approx. 12.30pm).

"Holiday of a Lifetime" School Production 10th and 11th February 2006 at The Brook Theatre, Chatham
Tickets for this show will be on sale from Saturday 7th January at St Williams Church Hall (from approx 10.00am) and then at all classes during the week.  Prices will be £8.00 and £7.00 concessions.  If you are intending to take a child of under 3 years to this show then you must inform our ticket sellers and we will obtain special free "baby" tickets.  If you have a child who is only in the first half of the show and they wish to watch the second half then you must buy a ticket for them if you wish to ensure that they have a seat.  As we are only putting on 2 performances it is likely that we will sell out and therefore there may be no complimentary tickets available on the evening of the show.  If you do not wish to buy a ticket  for them and there are no complimentary tickets they can remain in the dressing rooms with chaperones.

New Tap and Modern Classes
There will be a new class starting for pupils aged 3+ on Monday evenings at Tunbury Hall at 4.00  4.30pm.  We are holding free taster classes for the next 2 Mondays (28th Nov and 5th Dec) so if you would like to bring your child or you know of any other children who would be interested to try out please come along . .Please speak to Sue if you intend to come to these classes.

Christ the King Christingle Service
This will take place on 23rd December at approx 5.45 (to be confirmed).  There will be a rehearsal on 17th Dec 05 at the Church at 3.00pm (again to be confirmed). 

Finally may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and patience during 2005 and wish every family a Very Happy Christmas and New Year!!