Andy and I would like to thank all of the pupils, teachers and choreographers from the Bluebell School of Dance for making such a wonderful effort, resulting in a very enjoyable and entertaining production.

Thanks also go to all those parents and friends who worked so hard behind the scenes to make things run smoothly and also to all of those who helped with costumes etc - without your time and help we could not put on such a production.  Well done everyone, we hope you all enjoyed the experience!!


Our next production will be "The Nutcracker" Ballet and will take place at The Brook Theatre during the week Sunday 25th February through to Saturday 3rd March 2007.
We hope that you will all be able to take part.

Examination sessions
Tap exams - Sunday 21st May 2006.
Ballet Exams  1st/2nd July and 15th/16th July 2006


As we approach the end of the School year and the summer holidays I would like to thank all pupils and parents for their continued support and I would like to give advance warning of dates, events and new classes.

End of term is Thursday 20th July.  Autumn Term commences on Saturday 16th September.  Half-term is yet to be arranged and will depend on availability of halls (provisional dates are Monday 23rd October  Monday 6th November but this is subject to change).

"The Nutcracker" 2007 Production
Our next Production will be "The Nutcracker " ballet and this will take place at The Brook Theatre, Chatham, during the week Sunday 25th February 2007 (main rehearsal) until Saturday 3rd March.  All pupils are welcome to take part  please let me know as soon as possible if you are not able to participate.

New Classes and Vacancies

1. Beginners Class for Adult Tap will commence in September, probably on Thursday evenings. No previous experience necessary but if you have been a tap dancer in the past come and polish up your skills!!

2. Open class for Free Style Dance (Disco, Hip Hop Lindy Hop, Street etc)
This class will be open to any children 7  12 years.  Existing or new pupils welcome (no previous experience necessary).  Initially this will probably be held on Wednesday evenings 4.15  5.00 pm at Tunbury Hall.  This class will not replace the existing Modern classes and is being run purely as a "fun" class.

3. Tap and Modern Classes  We will have vacancies in both the beginners class (age 4-6) and the Preliminary/Grade 1 (age 7-9).  Classes take place on Monday evenings at Tunbury Hall.

4. Singing Classes  We will have vacancies in both junior and senior classes.
These classes are open to non-dancers.    Classes take place on Saturdays. 1.00 pm  3.00pm at St Williams Church Hall

If you are interested in any of the above classes for September please speak to Miss Sue or Andy.

Dear Pupils and Parents
I would like to welcome back previous and new pupils and thank you all for your ongoing support.  I have listed below some of the forthcoming dates and events that need to be noted
Term Dates
Half  term will be from Monday 23rd October until Friday 3rd November (inclusive).  We will return to classes on Saturday 4th November.
End of term will be Saturday 16th December (presentation day)
New term commences on Saturday 6th January 2007
There will be no classes on Saturday 11th November as St Williams Hall is booked for a Church event.  However there will be extra/private classes on this day for those pupils taking examinations this term.  These classes will be held at Tunbury Hall.  Please speak to Miss Sue or Andy if you wish to book extra lessons

Examination Sessions
Sunday 19th November  ballet examinations (including medal dances) at Tunbury Hall
Saturday 25th November  Modern and Tap examinations at Tunbury Hall.

The following classes will be involved in these exams.  Not all pupils in the grades listed below will be taking examinations  please check with your teacher.

Saturday/Thursday Class Exam (9.00  9.45)
Saturday Grade 2
Saturday/Thursday Grade 3 (medal dances)
Saturday LG5
Intermediate Ballet/medals
Monday Tap and Modern Classes

Choreographic Competition
This will be held on the afternoon of Sunday 5th November at Tunbury Hall.  This competition is open to all members of the School and details will be issued shortly.  Please speak to you teachers if you want more information.  All funds will go towards costumes for "The Nutcracker"

"The Nutcracker" Ballet  Feb/Mar 2007 at The Brook Theatre, Chatham
This will take place on Wed 28th Feb  Sat 3rd Mar 2007.  The main dress rehearsal for the entire School will take place on Sunday 25th February at The Brook Theatre.  It is very important that pupils attend this rehearsal.  There will be other rehearsals for the Senior School during the week of the show.  We are already starting to purchase materials and make costumes, so please let us know as soon as possible if you will not be able to take part.  "Baby" classes, pre-primary and primary will only take part on one evening (ie Thursday, Friday or Saturday).

If anyone would like to help in any way with our production we would be very pleased to hear from you.  Watch the notice board for requests for volunteers!!


Term Dates Spring 2007
Spring Term will commence on Saturday 6th January 2007.  Half Term will be from Monday 12th February to Sunday 18th February (inclusive).  Classes re-commence on Monday 19th February.

End of Term Presentation 16th December 2006
We will be presenting all certificates and annual awards at St Williams Church Hall, Walderslade on 16th Dec 2006.  All parents and friends are welcome to attend.  Details of times are set out below:
All pupils who have taken the Class examination in Ballet during 2006  (ie Thursday Primary Ballet 5.15  6.00 and Saturday Primary Ballet 9.45  10.30 should attend for their presentation from 9.15  10.15.  Saturday "baby" ballet and pre-primary class (ie 9.00  9.45 classes) should also attend at the above time).  Thursday "babies" and pre-primary will have their own "mini" presentation on Thursday 14th December All parents, family and friends are welcome to attend
Pupils from all other classes, ie from Grade 1 upwards should attend for their presentation of awards at St Williams Church from 11.00 am.  The presentation will open with a short performance of selected dances from the Choreographic Competition, the Freestyle class and the singing class followed by the presentation of certificates.  There will then be a short break for refreshments, followed by the presentation of annual awards and medals.  The Christmas draw winners will be announced at the end of the morning (approx. 12.30pm).  Family and friends are welcome to attend

"The Nutcracker" School Production  1st, 2nd and 3rd March  2007 at The Brook Theatre, Chatham
Tickets for this show will be on sale from the middle of January 2007.  Details of exact dates and times will be given shortly.  Prices will be £8.50 adults and £7.00 concessions. (Concessions will be available on Thursday and Friday only)  If you are intending to take a child of under 3 years to this show then you must inform our ticket sellers and we will obtain special free "baby" tickets.  If you have a child who is only in the first half of the show and they wish to watch the second half then you must buy a ticket for them if you wish to ensure that they have a seat.  If you do not wish to buy a ticket for them there may be complimentary tickets available on the evening of the show .If however the show is sold out then the children can remain in the dressing rooms with chaperones

Can I please remind you that ticket sales and fundraising pay for costumes etc.  Our costs for the hire of the Theatre, costumes, props etc are approximately £6,000   £7,000 - so we would like to see every family buy a minimum of 2 tickets.  The cost of costuming pupils has become very expensive and unlike other dance schools we do not expect parents to pay for costumes (each costume can cost from £20 - £100 ).  For this reason, we may need to introduce a costume hire charge of £5.00 per pupil (not per costume) from Grade 1 upwards.  If this is an issue for any family please speak to me about it as we do not wish to exclude any member of the School from the performances.

Finally may I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and patience during 2006 and wish every family a Very Happy Christmas and New Year!!

If anyone would like to help in any way with our production we would be very pleased to hear from you.  Watch the notice board for requests for volunteers!!