Please note that there will be no normal classes from Monday 12th  Monday 19th February, however there will be rehearsals for some pupils details below:

1. Rehearsals

Wednesday 14th February at Tunbury Hall from 4.00pm  6pm  rehearsal fees £1.00
All pupils in Grade 4 and above should attend this rehearsal  see notice board or Web site for details

Sunday 18th February at Tunbury Hall from 2.00pm  5.00pm  rehearsal fees £1.00
All pupils from Grade 3 and above should attend this rehearsal  see notice board or web site for details.

Saturday 24th February at St Williams Church Hall (no costumes)
All pupils from Grade 1 and above (Saturday and Thursday) should attend this rehearsal which will take place from 9.45am  4.00pm.  Please see details on notice board for times you are required.  Those pupils who are in both Acts of the Show will be required to stay for most of the rehearsal and therefore will need packed lunches.  "Babies" and pre-Primary classes will be at normal times (9.00  9.45).  Anyone who assists with these dancers or who is dancing in their scene should also be in attendance at 9.00am.  This rehearsal will not be in costume.

Sunday 25th February at The Brook Theatre, Chatham  First Dress Rehearsal
All pupils should attend this rehearsal which will take place from 3.00pm  10.00pm.  Once again you should check the notice board or the Web site for details.  We intend to call "Baby", and Pre-primary grades (Dolls) and Primary grade (Christmas Fairies/Clown dolls) for rehearsal at 2.45pm  4.00pm.  After 4.00pm there will be an opportunity for these grades to have their photos taken if they wish or to go home.  All other grades will be informed individually of their times for rehearsal on this day.  Will parents please note that there may be problems with parking so please allow sufficient time to get into the
Theatre.  We will not have chaperones at this performance and therefore all children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.  Although at performances we take every measure to ensure the safety of your child, we cannot undertake this responsibility at this rehearsal.  Please note that school uniform should be worn to the Theatre ie leotards, tights ballet shoes etc with wherever possible school logo shirts or dressing gowns (pink or white crossovers if you do not own a shirt/dressing gown with School logo).  All costumes and headresses to be worn on stage.  All pupils should wear hair in style as required for performances.

Tuesday 27th February  the Brook Theatre, Chatham  7.00  9.00pm
Pupils from Grade 4 and above .  You will be informed at The Sunday rehearsal if you are required for this rehearsal.

2. Performances
Wednesday 28th February The Brook Theatre, -, Final Dress Rehearsal 7.00  9.30pm
This will be run as a performance with an invited audience.  Theatre doors will open at 6.30pm and all junior pupils should be signed into their appropriate dressing rooms from 6.30pm (Chaperones will not be available before this time).  Any pupils who are only in the first Act may be collected from the dressing rooms at the Interval (8.00pm approx).

Thursday 1st March  Saturday 3rd March  Performances at The Brook Theatre
Performances commence at 7.30pm and junior pupils should arrive from 7.00pm onwards
Junior pupils must be signed in to their appropriate dressing room.  Please ensure that all children have hair in correct style and have make-up before they arrive. You will be given a demonstration of make-up and hair at the earlier rehearsals.  Pupils should not wear costumes until they reach the Theatre.  They should wear practical clothes which can easily be removed and which should be named.  All performers should wear (for rehearsals and performances) a School logo T or sweat shirt, or a School logo dressing gown or a pink or white cross-over cardigan.  There are several groups of children taking part in activities at the Theatre and wearing uniform will enable the staff  to easily identify which organisation the children belong to.

Once again John Hall who is a professional photographer will be available for photos at the first dress rehearsal.  The cost of photos will be £10.00 and is payable to John Hall.  If you wish to have multiple or family shots then please discuss with him direct.

All performances will be recorded and DVDs or Videos may be ordered prior to a performance, at the performance or in the week following. Order forms will be handed to pupils on 24th/25th February.  I must emphasise that cameras and video recorders will not be allowed in the Theatre during performances, although you may take photos/videos at the first dress rehearsal (assuming there are no objections from other parents).

Unfortunately this year we have had to introduce a hire charge for costumes to help us cover the ever-increasing costs.  We have tried to keep this to a minimum and are only applying the charge to pupils in Grade 1 and above who all have a minimum of two costumes.  The hire charge will be £5.00 and it would be helpful if this could be paid by Saturday 24th February, as there will be no opportunity to collect this fee during the week of the show.  Costumes must be returned Thursday 15th March.  Extra charges will be incurred if they are not returned on time.

There will be no classes on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th March.  Normal classes resume on Wednesday 7th March. 

Finally, I would like to thank parents and pupils for their attention to the above matters and for their patience and understanding during rehearsals.  I am positive that this will be a wonderful show and I hope that everyone will enjoy this opportunity to be associated with it.

Many thanks

Sue Burnham-Jones

Well done to all our Medway Festival 2007 medal and prize-winners.

Connor Ashman - Best Male Performer
Aidan Forster - Novice Classical
Natalie Judges - Choreographic
Alice Oseman - Endeavor
Joni Gibson & Holly Gibson - Disco Pairs
Holly Gibson - Disco Solo
Erin Ashman & Lauren Forster - Vocal
Bluebell School of Dance - Adult Troupes

Novice Cabaret Solo Under 12 Years
Sophie Wolfe - 3rd place
Novice Classical Solo Under 12 Years
Aidan Forster - 1st place
Novice Classical Solo Over 12 Years
Claire Mckenzie - 2nd place
Lyrical Modern Solo 8 & Under 10 Years
Rebecca Austen - 3rd place
Lyrical Modern Solo 12 & Under 14 Years
Sophie Phillips - - 3rd place
Lyrical Modern Solo 16 Years & Over
Holly Gibson - 2nd place
Joni Gibson -3rd  place
National Solo 10 & Under 12 Years
Elizabeth Blenkinsop - - 3rd place
National Solo 12 & Under 14 Years
Sophie Phillips - 3rd place
National Solo Over 16 Years
Holly Gibson - 3rd place
Vocal 10 & Under 13 Years
Alice Oseman - - 2nd place
Vocal 13 Years & Over
Erin Ashman & Lauren Forster - 1st place
Holly Gibson & Lauren Forster - 2nd place
Lauren Forster - 2nd place
Erin Ashman - 2nd place
Holly Gibson - 3rd place
Song & Dance Solo 12 & Under 14 Years
Alice Oseman - - 3rd place
Song & Dance Solo Over 16 Years
Holly Gibson - 2nd place
Modern Solo 14 & Under 16 Years
Claire Mckenzie - 3rd place
Modern Solo 16 Years & Over
Holly Gibson - 3rd place
Character 12 & Under 14 Years
Sophie Phillips - 3rd place
Disco 12 Years & Over
Holly Gibson - 1st place
Natalie Judges - 2nd place
Greek Solo Over 16 Years
Holly Gibson - 3rd place
Ballet Solo 16 Years & Over
Joni Gibson - - 2nd place

Classical Duets 13 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson - 1st place
Song & Dance Duets Over 13 Years
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson - 2nd place
Erin Ashman & Connor Ashman - 3rd place
Tap Duets  13 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson - 3rd place
Modern Duets 13 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson - 3rd place
Disco Pairs 12 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson - 1st place

Classical Trios/Quartets 13 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Sophie Phillips - 2nd place
Modern Trios/Quartets 10 & Under 13 Years
Elizabeth Blenkinsop & Emily Wolfe & Sophie Wolfe & Jasmine Sparks - 3rd place
Modern Trios/Quartets 13 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Sophie Phillips - 2nd place
Song & Dance Trios/Quartets 13 Years & Over
Holly Gibson & Joni Gibson & Lauren Forster - 1st place

Choreographic Under 14 Years
Emily Wolfe & Elizabeth Blenkinsop - 2nd place
Emily Wolfe & Sophie Wolfe  3rd place
Aidan Forster - 3rd place
Choreographic 16 Years & Over
Natalie Judges  - 1st place
Holly Gibson - 3rd place
Choreographic 14 & Under 16 Years
Louise Sceats & Claire Mckenzie - 2nd place
Lauren Forster & Aidan Forster - 3rd place

Bluebell School of Dance - Groups - 3rd place (Mozart Celebration)
Bluebell School of Dance - Groups - 3rd place (Spirit Of The Seasons)
Bluebell School of Dance - Groups - 2nd place (Strictly Spanish)
Bluebell School of Dance - Troupes - 3rd place (Do Your Thing)
Bluebell School of Dance - Adult Troupes - 1st place (Can Can)
Bluebell School of Dance - Adult Troupes - 3rd place (Rock Your Body)

P.S. Sorry if I've missed you off! Just send me an email and I'll add you in!!!!

If you are taking an exam this term (with the exception of the Class Exam) you are strongly advised to attend an additional class to your normal ballet lesson. Times are as follows:

PRIMARY GRADE Saturday 9:45 - 10:45
Thursday 5:15 - 6:00
GRADE ONESaturday 9:45 - 10:45
Thursday 5:15 - 6:00
GRADE TWOSaturday 10:45 - 11:45
Wednesday 5:00 - 6:00
GRADE THREESaturday 10:45 - 11:45
Thursday 6:00 - 6:45
GRADE FOURSaturday 11:45 - 12:45
Thursday 6:00 - 6:45



Private lessons are also available: ask Miss Sue for details.

Well done to all our Birchington Festival 2007 medal and prize-winners.
We can't mention all the medals, but here are a list of cups and prizewinners.

Sophie Phillips
National Senior Cup
Joint winner Greek Senior
Classical Aggregate Senior
Highest Aggregate Senior
Melanie Cox Cup (Ballet, National, Character, Lyrical) Senior

Holly Gibson
Song and Dance Senior
Joint winner Greek Senior
Vocal Senior (94 marks  highest in Festival)

Aidan Forster
Boys Award

Holly and Joni Gibson
Duets Classical Senior
Duets Cabaret Senior
Choreographic Duet Open

Holly and Joni Gibson and Sophie Phillips
Trio/QuartetClassical Senior
Trio/QuartetCabaret Senior

Groups Senior
Bluebell School of Dance and Performing Arts

Teachers Runner-up (tied)
Bluebell and Dance Alley

Kent Ballet Junior
Runner-up Aidan Forster
Kent Modern Senior
Runner up Holly Gibson
Kent Tap Senior
3rd place Holly Gibson

A special mention also for Holly Gibson who won the Miss Dance Heat and goes on to compete at a national level. Well done!

Holly and Joni Gibson also competed at Canterbury Festival 2007 and between them won 11 medals and the following trophies:

Choreographic Duets Open
Theatre Duets Open
Choreographic Solo Open

We are very pleased and excited to announce that our Saturday senior classes (Grade Four and above) will be moving to Tunbury Hall from September 2007. This move is in part due to rising costs but also represents an exciting opportunity for our senior school dancers to enjoy the facilities at Tunbury Hall.

We are currently planning the installation of mirrors along one wall of the hall which will greatly help our pupils in their dance studies. This combined with the permanently fixed barre and wooden floor will offer them studio facilities.

We understand that the dual centre may present some difficulties for siblings who may be dancing at different centres, but we have tried to stagger class times to help. If you have a particular problem please let us know.

Please check the Classes page for details of new class times.

Half term Monday 22nd October  Sunday 28th October (inclusive)
End of Term Saturday 8th December 2007 (Presentation of Annual awards on this day)
New Term commences Saturday 5th January 2008
Please note there will be no classes at St Williams Church Walderslade on Saturday 10th November (the Church is in use for another event).  Classes at Tunbury are as normal.

(Private classes may be available during half term and from Monday 29th Oct onwards, if required)
Sunday 18th November  Ballet Examinations for
Grade 5 
Intermediate Foundation 
Grade 2 
Possibly Grade 1 or Rainbow Award or Junior Medals Grade 1 Thursday and Saturday
Junior Bronze Medals  Grade 3 Saturday

Sunday 25th November  Modern and Tap Examinations
Preliminary Tap (Monday Class 2 - 4.15  5.00)
Grade 1 Tap (Monday Class 3 - 4.45  5.30)
Grade 2 Modern (Monday Class 4 - 5.15  6.00)
Grade 3 Tap (Monday Class 5 - 5.45 6.30)  not all pupils
Grade 4 Tap (Monday Class 6  6.30  7.15)  not all pupils)
Intermediate Modern
Intermediate Foundation Tap

This will take place on Sunday 2nd December at Tunbury Hall  details to be announced

This will be to raise funds for our next production  please come along and support us  families and friends welcome  details available shortly.

The auditions for principal roles in this show will take place on Saturday 3rd November from  You must be able to sing and act as well as dance and you should be at least School year 8 year and be in Grade 5 Ballet or above.  You must also be committed to attending extra rehearsals during Saturday mornings. If you cannot attend at this time please speak with Miss Sue or Miss Trudi.