Dress Code
The dress code for class and examination work for ALL pupils is as follows:-

Junior School (up to grade 3) - Girls

Pale blue leotard
Pink ballet tights (or pink ballet socks)
Pink leather ballet shoes
Pink crossover cardigan
Pale blue skirt (optional after primary grade)
Pale blue headband and/or pale blue bun net
White canvas tap and white jazz shoes (as applicable)
Boys - all grades

Black lycra shorts or unitard
White leotard or t-shirt
White socks
Black leather ballet and/or tap shoes

School sweatshirts and t-shirts and black sweatpants may be worn to class for warming-up only.
Senior School (Grade 3 & 4) - Girls

Royal blue leotard
Pink ballet tights
Pink leather ballet shoes for class work
Pink satin shoes for examination and show work
White cotton crossover cardigan
Royal blue headband and/or clear bun net
Black leather tap, jazz and Greek shoes (as applicable)
Student Classes (Grade 5 and above) - Girls

Navy Leotardleotard
Navy wrap skirt
Pink ballet tights
Pink or black soft ballet shoes
Pink pointe shoes
White crossover cardigan
Black leather tap, jazz and greek shoes (as applicable)

Hair - applicable to ALL grades

Long hair should be pulled into a bun or plaited and folded on top of the head and secured with a clip.
Short hair should be held off the face using a blue headband, secured by grips.

Not Allowed

Wrist watches
Sloppy shirts and baggy jumpers
Track suits and non-uniform t-shirts
Leg warmers
Fancy scrunchies and ornate hair clips.

It is essential that all pupils adhere to the dress code. Repeated non-adherence may result in a pupil being refused admittance to a class.

PLEASE, PLEASE, can all items be clearly named.